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About Me – Mukul Bisht's Portfolio

About Me

I am currently working as a Lead User Experience Designer at DocuSign in San Francisco. Before DocuSign, I worked as a Senior Product Designer at Citrix Systems in Santa Clara.
I completed my Masters of Science in Information from University of Michigan School of Information (Go Blue!).Before that I have worked as a consultant at IBM (1 year) and a User Experience Engineer for FICO and Compassites Software Solutions (1 year each).

Be it the latest technology or the latest design innovation, I am always on top of things. My passion is to learn new skills. Currently, I am pursuing photography and learning to play the guitar. My friends think of me as an easy to get along with, fun loving guy.

Interaction Design to me is a way to assist the users to get things done. This profession enables me to design an experience for the user, be it engaging for a shopping portal, or quick and secure for a banking solution or simplistic mobile application for the less literate population of rural regions in India. I enjoy identifying user needs and designing interfaces accordingly. I believe I can enable people to relate to a good product by creating the right experience for them. However, in today’s industry just knowing to design well is not enough. By working as a Consultant I acquired the skills of convincing customers and developers about my products and designs.

Like Oscar Wilde, I am modest, but I like the best. That has been my mantra. Although I grew up in a small town in the Kumaon ranges of India, I strove hard and got in to IIT, a prestigious university all over the world. I gained some industry experience, and came to University of Michigan, one of the best schools for HCI with scholarship. Now, I am looking for a full time position which would be best suited for my needs. A place where I can use my skills and gain a lot of experience and learn new design philosophies by working with equally passionate people as me.

Click here to access my old one page portfolio.

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